VCOM Reduces Secondary Fee

From the Vice President for Student Services at VCOM:

At VCOM, one of the challenges that we have heard from you about applying to medical school are the fees.  And, one of the challenges we have encountered is that while many of our applicants apply early, still, about a third apply after October or don’t submit their secondary application right away.  That means by the time we interview some of them, often those are placed on the waitlist if processing takes time or other documents don’t come in timely.

If you submit your application to AACOMAS by September 15 (always shoot for earlier), along with all required documents such as transcripts, we will then screen for the secondary and if the applicant is invited and completes the secondary application within three weeks of the invitation, we will reduce their secondary fee from $50 to $25.

Also, I wanted to remind you that applicants applying to one, two or three VCOM campuses only need to submit ONE secondary application to VCOM.   Additionally, on our secondary application, all applicants are given the opportunity to rank ALL three VCOM campuses so if they apply to one VCOM campus they can still rank all three VCOM campuses on one secondary application.  Plus, if the applicant submits the AACOMAS and transcripts by September 15 and returns the secondary right away, we will reduce that ONE fee to $25.

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