Johns Hopkins Summer Course for Human Anatomy

This four week course meets for 4 hours each day, 5 days a week. It is designed to give undergraduate and graduate students an introduction to all aspects of human anatomy, and includes demonstrations using human cadavers. A regional approach will be employed, beginning with the thorax and abdomen, continuing with the limbs, and ending with the head and neck. Lectures on each topic will be given in the morning, followed by prosection demonstrations (i.e., dissections prepared by departmental staff and presented to students) on human cadavers in the afternoon. Course materials will also involve hands-on work with human bones, various imaging modalities (e.g., radiographs, CT scans), and computer programs. Opportunities are also available for students to observe surgical procedures at the Johns Hopkins Hospital. Student performance will be evaluated by both written and practical (cadaver-based) exams. To allow individualized instruction, the course is limited in enrollment.

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