VCOM Announces $25 Secondary Application Fee

Exciting News!

We understand that one of the challenges applicants face are the fees associated with medical school applications.  We also want to encourage you to apply early in the application cycle due to our rolling admissions process.  Therefore …

  • We have reduced our secondary application fee to $25 for students who a) complete their primary application to AACOMAS by September 15, 2016, and b) submit their secondary application to VCOM within 3 weeks of the invitation for the secondary.   So apply early!  The fee returns to $50 after these dates.     (Please note: we screen for secondaries so not everyone will get an invitation.)
  • If you wish to be considered at two or all three of VCOM’s campuses, you will only need to submit one secondary application to VCOM. Rather than submitting two or three separate secondary applications, applicants have the opportunity to rank all three VCOM campuses in order of preference regardless of whether they applied on the AACOMAS application to one, two or three VCOM campuses.

VCOM $25

Need more information about VCOM or interested in a tour of our Virginia Campus?

P.S.   The link to the primary application through AACOMAS is:  Remember to submit your AAACOMAS application BEFORE September 15 to be given priority and the reduced secondary fee if eligible of a secondary. 

 Best Wishes,


Shannon C. Sampson, MPH

Director of Admissions, Virginia Campus

Edward Via College of Osteopathic Medicine

2265 Kraft Drive

Blacksburg, VA 24060

Office: 540-231-5909 | Fax: 540-231-5252



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