Master of Science in Law program at Northwestern

Looking for a Gap Year Option? Interested in the Business or Regulation Side of Healthcare?

The one-year Master of Science in Law (MSL) degree offered by Northwestern Pritzker School of Law can be a great gap year option for students bound for medical, nursing or other health professions graduate programs. It’s also a nice option for students looking to leverage their science major to pursue a career at the intersection of business, law, and science/technology, where there is increasing demand for individuals who can work in cross-functional roles. Healthcare and scientific research are highly regulated fields. They are also impacted by market forces and business-driven decisions.  The MSL, which is designed exclusively for science and other STEM majors, provides practical, hands-on training in business law and regulation as it relates to scientific innovation and healthcare. Our classes include Regulation: Medicine & Health; Integration of Science & Clinical Care; Health Data; Regulatory Strategy & Communication; Employment Law; Business Strategy & Frameworks; Contract Law & Design; Liability, Risk, and Insurance. MSL students learn to navigate the legal and regulatory structures that exist in STEM settings; communicate across disciplines; and bring ideas to market. MSL graduates are well positioned for careers as: regulatory strategists; compliance officers; government regulators; scientific and/or technical consultants; entrepreneurs; business managers, developers, and analysts; and more.  Scholarships are available.

Learn more by joining us for our upcoming webinar. We will provide a comprehensive overview of the MSL program, including curriculum, full-time and part-time scheduling, career opportunities, and more. We will also take questions from the audience.

Anyone interested in the MSL program is welcome to email for more information.

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