Diversity Peer Education Program

Apply or nominate a student for the Intercultural Engagement Center’s Diversity Peer Education Program occurring March 26 – March 27!

Through a combination of workshops and presentations, join a small cohort of Peer Educators working toward a campus community that embraces the differences and unique experiences that everyone inherently possesses.

During a two-day, overnight retreat participants will engage in dialogue centered on topics of diversity and inclusion which include, but are not limited to: intercultural communication, unconscious bias, and intersectional approaches.

Upon completion of the training, Peer Educators will design and facilitate workshops and presentations that can be requested by faculty, staff, and student groups in order to continue meaningful dialogues across difference.

Training date: Saturday, March 26 – Sunday, March 27

Applications due: March 20

Student application: http://bit.ly/IECPeerEdApp

Student nomination: http://bit.ly/1pH4fS8

Questions/concerns: nacox@vt.edu

Divsersity Peer Education Program

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