2016-2017 Edition of the Medical School Admissions Requirements (MSAR)

Earlier than anticipated, the 2016-2017 Edition of the Medical School Admissions Requirements (MSAR) is now Available!
If you can find it in your budget, we highly recommend this resource if you are in your application year for allopathic medical school!

Here are some updates for this edition:
In this edition, you’ll notice more data, information and features than ever before, including:

·         New MCAT exam data displaying applicant scores (current ongoing cycle) from the new MCAT exam both nationally and by individual medical school now appears as well as an expanded version of the chart from the previous exam with matriculant data.
·         Waitlist Policies and Procedures including typical number of waitlist positions per cycle, waitlist procedures and information and the number of acceptance offers granted to applicants on the waitlist.
·         Calendar reminders for primary and secondary application deadlines so applicants can set reminders based on the deadline dates. Although the default will post the reminder two weeks prior to the deadline, it can be customized to whatever the user wishes.
·         Expanded information about the interview day including when invitations to interview are sent and information about the interview day.
·         More information for out-of-state applicants including if non-residents/international applicants need a connection to the state/school to be considered and the ability to become a state resident after matriculation.
·         Policy on Accepting Canadian Applicants is presented separate from “international”, as per the request of subscribers.
·         Latest date pre-requisite coursework can be completed
·         Expanded information on matriculants, including:  number of students entering from Post Bacc programs, states & countries of current-first year students, and age ranges of first-year students.
·         Expanded information regarding policies on ranking students, lecture attendance, instruction style, grading system, dress code, when clinical rotations and patient interaction begin and if the school has a pre-matriculation program.

·         MSAR Data Reports will continue to be available to all subscribers (sign in to the MSAR site required). This year’s report now includes each school’s policy for accepting Canadian applicants.

To learn more about Medical School Admission Requirements products, please visit www.aamc.org/msar

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