International Service Learning (ISL)

There is a non-governmental organization, called International Service Learning, ISL, that has been offering volunteers practical experience through medical, education, and community enrichment programs, while offering sustainable aid in developing communities for over 20 years.

ISL organizes international trips through established educational programs in order to provide students with hands-on health care experience and the opportunity to serve in developing countries. As a club/organization at Virginia Tech, we are looking to not only make global impact, but also a local impact within the New River Valley community.

ISL exists in many of our neighboring schools, such as a prominent program in JMU and also UVA. We have a few students here at Virginia Tech who are ISL representatives and I hope to get them involved in the organization as well to help start this new chapter on campus. Most often schools will combine their teams to serve in a developing country, and that is one of the project I strive to accomplish in the near future.

Here is the website link for the organization itself.

For more information, contact or visit the facebook page at 

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