CASPA Update

Update from CASPA Facebook page regarding the opening of the Application:

UPDATE! We have received word that the application will open , Thursday April 23rd, at Noon (12PM) EST. However, please wait for an official announcement to be posted on the CASPA facebook page before attempting to log in so that we can confirm that everything is good to go. CASPA, along with PAEA, has decided it is best that we delay to tomorrow in order to ensure that both the server is running at full speed and that customer service is available to assist you, which they would not be if we were to go live this evening.

In addition, some good news! We can confirm that everyone who was able to create an account earlier today has an account in good standing and everything that has been entered has been saved. Once we announce launch tomorrow, anyone who received the confirmation email that their account was already created should be able to log in and continue their application without issue. This includes ID#s, letters of reference requests, transcript request forms you may have printed out, etc. If you do experience any issues with a previously created account, please contact customer service after launch.

Have a good evening everyone, and stay tuned for our launch announcement tomorrow!

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