VT Health Education and Awareness Team (HEAT) Recruiting Students

VT Health Education is recruiting undergraduate students for the Health Education and Awareness Team (HEAT) for the 2015-2016 academic year. HEAT members do public health outreach events and workshops about safer sexual behaviors, contraception, healthy eating choices, sleep, skin cancer prevention, tobacco-use prevention, body image, and others. All of our events address issues that help make the campus community healthier, safer, and more enjoyable. We also sponsor events like the Tobacco-Free Hokies T-shirt Campaign, Body Project Workshop Series, and Wrap that Package Week. HEAT is part of VT Health Education at the Schiffert Health Center.

The deadline for applications is 3/15/2015. The application process for positions is competitive. Please read the following webpage for complete details before applying.

The application link is also on this page:


Please contact Laurie Fritsch at 540-231-7780 or email lfritsch@vt.edu with any questions.

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