HPEC FAQ & Information

If you are in the HPEC process, I highly suggest reading all of this—

 In order to properly fill out & save the PDF form you MUST use Adobe Reader or Acrobat 8.0 or greater.

You can download the latest Adobe Reader from: http://get.adobe.com/reader/

Please remember to download and USE the HPEC Interview Application Packet Instructions located in the “Resources” section of scholar

  • For the section titled “Other Experiences” the 2nd and 3rd description boxes are somehow copying each other. Should you run into this error, it is completely acceptable to handwrite one or both of the boxes.
  • For pages 10 &11, please make sure you are re-writing the statement into the box below. You may type or handwrite this statement.
  • If you use your cursor and “hover” over the text box, there will be a tooltip with further information or instruction

 Submitting the form:

  • Print the completed HPEC Interview/Application Packet and hand sign and date where indicated on the cover page AND page 11
  • Then have the SIGNED and completed packet, as well as any transcripts, together as a packet.
  • You will then SCAN the ENTIRE packet, as well as any transcripts as ONE file
  • This file will then be uploaded and added to the Scholar efolder matrix cell in the HPEC Interview/Application Row and the column that fits your current year in school
  • After uploading the file, be sure to click “submit for evaluation”; this is what informs us of the form submission
  • Bring this packet (HPEC Interview Application & any transcripts) to the Smith Career Center by the deadline.

For VeCollect: Ensure that you have 2 LETTERS in your VeCollect account- NOT just evaluators, the letters must be in the account

You must have all 3 of the below steps complete by 5pm on January 30th 2015

  • The form submitted to Scholar (please remember to click Submit for Evaluation)
  • The printed form submitted to the Smith Career Center
  • Two letters of reference in veCollect


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