Employment Opportunity in the NRV

For those of you looking for an Employment opportunity, or something to do in your gap year, the Community Health Center of the NRV is looking for an 11 month position. It is a full-time position but again the kicker is that it is only a guaranteed position for 11 months. We are hopeful to get this filled quickly since open enrollment has already begun.  If anyone has any questions they can call or email Melissa Gregson. She is at the clinic Monday-Friday 8:30-5:00 at # 540-381-0820, or her email is offic1@chcnrv.org

Suggested Position Description:

TITLE: In-Person Assister(IPA)

REPORTS TO: (The supervision received should be filled in based upon your organizational structure.)

GENERAL DESCRIPTION: The In-Person Assister(IPA) will work to provide outreach and enrollment opportunities for community residents who lack access to health insurance, provide enrollment and application follow-up assistance and build/strengthen enrollment collaborations with local partner organizations.

POSITION GOAL: Increase health insurance coverage through the Federally Facilitated Exchange for Virginia residents.

SCHEDULE/COMPENSATION: (The organization will include a salary range and example of benefits along with a general work schedule so that candidates are aware of the fact that outreach and enrollment positions often include some evening and weekend hours.)


1. Provide enrollment assistance (including but not limited to completing coverage applications, gathering required documentation and troubleshooting the enrollment process) for uninsured persons to access health insurance programs through the health insurance marketplace.

2. Provide structured patient education on health coverage, engage in follow-up conversations and offer renewal assistance for enrolled individuals.

3. Distribute outreach materials to patients, community members, partner organizations and businesses to build coverage option awareness.

4. Develop, discover and attend community events in order to promote coverage options and the mission and services of the organization.

6. Collaborate with various local organizations to build awareness of coverage options, spur enrollment and build referral linkages.

7. Attend and successfully complete all required training programs; participate in ongoing conference calls, webinars, and other professional development opportunities.

8. Accurately provide required reporting to track goal achievement and client satisfaction.

9. Recruit and utilize volunteers to increase program capacity.

10. Assist in the development and implementation of organizational outreach and enrollment initiatives.

11. Other duties as assigned.



1. Oral and written communication skills at a level typically acquired through completion of a Bachelor’s degree program in public health, health education, communications or related program. An equivalent combination of education and experience will be considered.

2. Knowledge of the health and human services infrastructure, health insurance programs and public coverage options.

3. Ability to effectively develop and nurture relationships with a diverse group of stakeholders.

4. Ability to work independently and coordinate multiple tasks.

5. Ability to enthusiastically communication with potential enrollees.

6. Strong computer skills with proficiencies in Outlook, Word, PowerPoint, Excel, internet-based applications and the Microsoft operating system.

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