2016 Cohort

Name: M. Evan Thomas
Program of study: Marriage and Family Therapy
Degrees: B.S. Psychology, University of Georgia; M.S. Marriage and Family Therapy, Purdue University
Other Background:
Previous Teaching Experience at Purdue University: Statistics for Behavioral Sciences,
Adolescence, and Freshmen Experience
Previous Therapeutic Experience: Crown Counseling in Crown Point, Indiana
Research Interests: Rural mental health, advocacy for mental health, integrative care in rural communities, LGBTQ in rural communities
Advisor: Dr. Erika Grafsky
Research Assistantship: SBIRT Grant, Dr. Nancy Brossoie
Teaching Assistantship: Human Sexuality
Expected Graduation Year: May 2020
Birthday: May 9th


Name:  Casey M. McGregor
Program of Study:  Child and Adolescent Development
Degree:  B.S. from Pennsylvania State University (Altoona College)
Research Interests: Role and identity development, parenting behaviors and processes, parenting within adverse contexts, young mothers, and intergenerational families

Advisor: Dr. Joyce Arditti

Instructor on Record, HD 3214: Infancy and Early Childhood Development (Spring 2018 – current)
Graduate Assistant for the Director of Graduate Studies (Fall 2017 – current)
Facilitator for the Intergenerational Program (Fall 2017 – Fall 2018)
Graduate Teaching Assistant: Infancy and Early Childhood Development (Fall 2017 – Fall 2018)
Graduate Research Assistant for Dr. Carolyn Shivers (Fall 2016 – Spring 2017)
Graduate Research Assistant for Dr. Cindy Smith in the Children’s Emotions Lab (Fall 2016 – Spring 2017)

Expected Graduation Year: Spring 2021
Birthday: November 8th
In Casey’s Words: As a first-generation college student from a small town in Central Pennsylvania, my background and upbringing influences my passion for families in underserved contexts.  I began cultivating my interests for child development and family relationships while studying Human Development and Family Studies at Penn State Altoona.  I entered the Masters through Ph.D program at Virginia Tech in 2016 to continue studying individual and family development across the lifespan.


Name: Diana Devine
Program of Study: Child and Adolescent Development
Degree: College of Charleston (Charleston, SC) B.S. – Psychology, B.A.- French and Francophone Studies
Research Interests: Emotion socialization, parent-child interactions, gender differences in parenting
Advisor: Dr. Cynthia L. Smith
Assistantships: Research assistantship in Children’s Emotions Lab (Cindy Smith), TA for HD Field Study, GA for Director of Undergraduate Studies (Mary Ellen Verdu)
Expected Graduation Year: 2021
Birthday: July 12th
Other info about Diana: My son will turn 1 on September 7th. His name is Dobby and he’s a dog.


Name: Jameson Natwick
Program of Study: Marriage and Family Therapy
Degrees: B.A Psychology- Carroll College; M.S Marriage and Family Therapy- Seattle Pacific University
Other background: Shodair Psychiatric Children’s Hospital; Compass Health (Therapist for family intensive services)
Research Interests: Meaning Making, systemic trauma, at risk children/families
Advisor: Dr. Megan Dolbin-MacNab
Assistantships: RA with Dr. Few-Demo; GA with Dr. Zvonkovic; Teaching Apprentice HD 1004; IOR HD 1004; IOR HD 2314
Expected Graduation Year: Spring 2020
Birthday: May 18
Other info about Jameson: Married to Melissa Street Natwick


Name: Amy A. Morgan, LMFT
Program of Study: Marriage and Family Therapy
Degrees: B.A. in Psychology and Women’s Studies, M.S. in Marriage and Family Therapy- both from the University of New Hampshire.
Other Background: Before coming to Virginia Tech, I worked in community mental health in Seattle as a Therapist and Clinical Supervisor. I also did emergency psychiatric care in emergency rooms and jails. Exposure to ineffective policies in incarceration settings is what inspired me to obtain a PhD and specialize in parental incarceration research.
Research Interests: In a nutshell, I am interested in understanding how we can help reduce vulnerability of at-risk populations by improving policy. My dissertation focuses on factors that promote family resilience in parental incarceration. Hopefully, our research can influence and improve policy to these populations in an economically sensible way.
Advisor: Dr. Joyce Arditti
Instructor of Record in HD 2314 Human Sexuality &
Graduate Research Assistant to Dr. April Few-Demo
Birthday: August 29th
Other Info about Amy: My husband and I are both from New England so in our down time we like to explore the surrounding states or take day trips in VA. Currently our favorite place we have been to is Asheville, NC. We also like to visit friends in Seattle, family in the Northeast, and one day our dream is to live abroad.


Name: Bradford D. Stucki
Program of Study: Marriage and Family Therapy
Degrees: Bachelors in Public Health, Brigham Young University; Masters in Marriage and Family Therapy, Abilene Christian University
Research Interests: Grandparents raising their grandchildren, intervention, dementia care
Advisor: Dr. Megan Dolbin-MacNab
Teaching Apprentice for HD 2004 under Dr. Matthew Komelski (2016-2017)
Teaching Assistantship, Course Instructor for HD 2004: Adult Development & Aging (2016-2017)
Research Assistantship under Dr. Megan Dolbin-MacNab (2016-2017)
Research Assistantship under Dr. Megan Dolbin-MacNab (2017-2018)
Research Assistantship under Eric Stachelski (Adult Day Services) (2017-2018)
Expected Graduation Year: 2020
Birthday: February 14th
Other info about Bradford:Married, licensed foster parent, future adopted parent to two wonderful children
In Bradford’s Words: Keep on keeping on


Name: Laura Nelson
Program of Study: Family Studies
Advisor: Dr. Christine Kaestle
Virginia Tech’s Institute for Policy and Governance
Virginia Tech’s Center for Public Health Practice and Research
Human Development and Family Science Instructor of Record, Human Sexuality
Expected Graduation Year: 2020
Birthday: January 5th