Human Development and Family Science Graduate Student Association

The purpose of this organization is to enhance the professional, academic, and social well-being of the graduate students in the Human Development program at Virginia Tech.

To promote professional and academic well-being, the HDFS-GSA hosts weekly writing groups in various locations throughout the year. This is a quiet time to work on scholarship (i.e., classwork, manuscript writing, completing reviews, data analysis, prelim prep, whatever you can think of!) can help foster a culture of support and accountability in completing all that students have to do.

To promote the social well-being of our students, the HDFS-GSA hosts informal social events many times throughout the year. In addition, this organization hosts formal events, such as the annual Welcome Back Picnic in the Fall and the End of the Year Celebration in the Spring.

The leadership of HDFS-GSA consists of current students as voted by the students. Elections occur at the end of every academic year.

Positions include:

o Activities/Responsibilities: The President will preside and run HDFS-GSA meetings. The president will be responsible for setting meeting agendas, engaging students in HDFS-GSA, and will also work with the GSA representatives.

Current President: Diana Devine

Vice President
o Activities/Responsibilities: The Vice President will assist the president in organizing meetings and gathering information for the agenda from the committees.

Current Vice President: Stephanie Cooke

o Activities/Responsibilities: The Secretary/Treasurer will assist the HDFS-GSA with any budgetary issues (including hosting quint state) and will also attend HDFS-GSA meetings to take notes and post minutes from meetings on Canvas.

Current Secretary/Treasurer: Candy Beers

GSA Representatives (Two)
o Activities/Responsibilities: The GSA representatives will be responsible for overseeing a Canvas site for HDFS-GSA, managing membership of HDFS-GSA, and report to the GSA any updates and initiatives on the university level. At least one GSA representative should attend the HDFS-GSA meeting.

Current GSA Representatives: Jessica Resor & KP Puckett