Keith, our Librarian in South Africa

Our “Marooned Librarian” Hokie in South Africa has written an informative and delightful blog post about his experiences and work since his arrival May 2nd. Here’s an excerpt that will make you feel like you are there with him:

It is approaching winter here and the daylight hours are short, but the weather has been exceptionally pleasant. Late fall in Cape Town has felt like late spring in Blacksburg, but with much less rain. Afternoon skies have been clear blue, nearly every day. This is problematic. Winter is normally the rainy season, but Cape Town is experiencing a three year drought. Reservoir levels are critically low, and residents of the city have become good at conserving water. I’m trying to do my part, and am now comfortable with a procedure I’ve named the Cape Shower, which uses more water than an astronaut shower but less than a Navy shower. This is a habit that I need to take home with me.

His photos range from “painted murals on some of the buildings” to the protea, a beautiful South African flower” to “the daredevils that paraglide from mountains over towers to the beach”  (below).

Keith also delineates, near the end of his blog-post, the projects he has worked on so far, and will be at the Cape Peninsula University of Technology for about another 2 weeks.
Looking forward to Keith’s next post!