“I felt the rains down in Africa” Robert in South Africa (1)


News from our man in South Africa!

Robert reports that he has “…met wonderful people in the library– Janine has gone over a lot of her instruction program–things I will share when I come back. I’ll be sitting in a class today and am scheduled for several more this week. I also met with library IT Friday and we talked EZproxy in detail. I hope I’ve helped them resolve a long-standing problem… Wandering around my neighborhood. Reminds me of San Francisco. I’m not sure I’ll ever get used to looking the other way when crossing the street or 24 hour time notation.”

I felt the rains down in Africa
“I felt the rains down in Africa”

He also mentions that it’s fairly cold and the days are short, so he’s wondering if our next exchange librarian might be better off going down there during our winter or spring, their summer or fall. Also, he’s having some hiccups with his WiFi connection and needs a local telephone. He advises our next Hokie exchange librarian to get an international-enabled telephone before departure. Combining all the things Robert is learning with what Joanne experienced during her visit with us in June, we should have a good bit of prep advice based on real experience for people next round.

PLEASE NOTE: We’ll be calling for project proposals after Robert makes a presentation on his findings and adventures this September, but you can already start thinking about reviewing some of the CPUT’s areas of strength to base proposals on here. One of our findings is that a one month period seems quite OK, considering Joanne got “heaps and heaps” done, so those with family considerations may rest easy that a proposal for just a month (instead of the 6-8 weeks we originally envisioned) will be fine.