EVENT CAPTURE TEAM videos Dr. Du “Jean” Jin speaking on international academic integrity

On the same day we were going to make a video in Chinese…

… the Cranwell International Center’s Assistant Director Suzie Baker called to urge us to use English to ensure that the presentation felt inclusive to all of the students attending. She’s been on the front lines assisting VT’s international students a long time and is an authority on the subject, so we decided on the spot to follow her advice. That is no small task for a non-English native speaker, and we only had an hour to shift gears, but within that time Jean had composed and completely memorized our entire chat about academic integrity in the international context.

Pressley’s Pros

And the Event Capture and Outreach Teams are amazing. The video you see here is the result of some fancy splicing by the talented Liz, not to mention the actual capture by Therese using two cameras at different angles. Asked why they use two cameras, the latter politely explained that this would give the team more footage to play with when someone looks “awkward.” You wouldn’t believe some of the dorky stuff they audio-edited out of my lines… it’s like magic watching these talented people design flyers, posters, and film clips.