While most all of Andy Warhol’s work is intriguing, in my studies I found his Oxidation paintings to be the most intriguing. By using a copper based paint to cover a field, and then allowing visitors to piss on it, interesting drip patterns are eventually oxidized into the copper creating green patina. Warhol preferred that others than himself create these patterns as he wanted to capture the human element in the pieces. Each piece had the DNA of the person who urinated on it so in a way, Warhol saw them as self-portraits. Each was a different pattern but also, depending on what they ingested, would be different colors. One assistant of Warhol’s was said to have taken B12 vitamins which create a range of colors that Warhol like the most.

For the screen prints we are doing in the vain of our artist, I am doing my own oxidation work. As organic as it is to use urine on a piece of art, I will not be doing so for my print. I have heard a large variety of ways to oxidize copper but have not found a consensus on the best, most safe, and fastest. I will be trying several methods and am very interested in what will result.