My projects:

Project 1: Effects of manure land application technologies and timing on environmental fate of four antibiotics commonly used in dairy production.

Project 2: Effects of manure treatment methods and seasonal effects on environmental fate of Pirlimycin, a commonly used antibiotic in dairy production.

Project 3: Changes of bacterial community and antibiotic resistance bacteria in manure-subsurface injected soil

Project 4: Effects of abiotic factors (temperature and moisture content) on process of antibiotic de-conjugation in manure-amended soil

Project 5: Effects of manure land application methods and timing on antibiotic uptake by plants

Other projects:

I am a part of this wonderful interdisciplinary project: Reducing Antibiotic Resistance from Farm to Fork.

M.S. Thesis

My project: Effects of oil and dispersant (COREXIT® EC9500A) on denitrification and mineralization of organic matter in a Louisiana salt marsh sediment under aerobic and anaerobic conditions with different exposure times.

B.S. Thesis

My project:  Preliminary calculation of the Environmental Performance Index (EPI) for some provinces and cities in Vietnam

Other projects:

“QMT 10.01, Propose measures to improve management efficiency, monitoring emissions of air pollutants from industrial zones and large industries located in the Red River Delta provinces”; The State Management Task of the Environmental Protection.