Does the faculty appointment type affect the faculty’s productivity?

Does the faculty appointment type affect the faculty’s productivity?

Before answering this question, both faculty appointment type and faculty’s productivity should be clarified.

Colleges, universities, and institutions are diversifying the academic appointment system. Different appointment types come with different hiring processes, responsibilities, promotion and rewards, and salary bands. For example, job responsibility of a tenure-track faculty includes research, teaching, and service; while a non-tenure track one tends to focus on one task, mainly teaching or research.

The faculty’s productivity can be influenced by the individual faculty member, the workplace environment, and the leadership of the department/college/university/institution. In terms of the individual faculty, there are several factors contribute to his/her productivity, including knowledge and skills in the area, commitment, motivation, engagement, and work habit. The workplace environment is very important to promote and maximize the faculty capacity and potential. It includes mentoring, sufficient resources, promotion and rewards, communication and network, and shared and positive culture. The leadership plays an essential role to create and maintain a conducive workplace environment. The leadership is shown by clear missions, goals, and expectations. A well-prepared faculty member working in a supportive environment which is created by effective leadership will result in the optimal productivity.

In my opinion, yes, I think the faculty appointment type does affect the faculty’s productivity.

What is yours?

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  1. soledadmm

    I agree with your opinion about how faculty appointment type can affect faculty productivity, and what that impact will be may be determined by the level of support and the resources that are provided to the faculty. If faculty members are given ample opportunity and resources to grow and thrive in as far as the responsibilities associated with their respective appointments are concerned, they will be very productive.

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