The End

Why exactly do I find this fascinating? Well, I love math. I am by definition a math person. I do not think it would be possible for me to think more analytically than I do. How does this relate to my final project? Well… when sharing this information with Dr. Campbell, he led me to a resource. This resource was a book. He was kidding right? Didn’t I just say I was a math person? After a little research I realized that this book he shared with me was not a normal book. Dr. Campbell had referred me to “How To Solve It” by George Polya. In “How To Solve It” by George Polya, he outlines the four steps involved in solving a math problem. These steps included “1. First, you have to understand the problem, 2. After understanding, then make a plan, 3. Carry out the plan, and 4. Look back on your work.” This is EXACTLY what my final project entailed. It suddenly hit me that I found this final project entertaining because it was indirectly a large math problem.  There was one solution. This one solution was my solution.

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