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  • Computers Sharing Data?

    Posted on April 11th, 2012 halliedominick No comments

    Unfortunately I did not find many nuggets within this article. I found that the article was extremely technical. However, after some research I found some interesting nuggets on the world wide web (W3) about the world wide web (W3).

    What I find most fascinating about the world wide web (W3) is how it came to be. It is mind blowing that Tim Berners-Lee single handedly invented the medium. Even more mind blowing is the fact that he handed the medium over to humanity rather than making a profit off of it. Can you imagine how wealthy he would be?

    What I also find fascinating is the fact that Tim Berners-Lee was the first one to come up with this idea. The idea for websites, https, and urls. The idea to share information in a new medium. We often think of such an idea as a norm. However, we rarely think about how revolutionary ideas are when they do not have direct competition. We rarely think about how difficult it is to come up with an idea that has never been thought of before. I believe the following video says a lot about Tim Berners-Lee and his devotion to humanity.


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    • I agree that it’s a bit technical. But I really like how they described the purpose and the initial design philosophy of the internet. It’s fun to see that even though so much has changed about the web, not much has changed.

    • I also had a hard time find particular nuggets in this piece that seemed particularly interesting to me. But I also completely agree with you about Berners-Lee. It is amazing the imagination and vision that one individual can have. We talked today about how the only limit to the WWW is our imagination. Imagine if we all had imaginations as in-depth and revolutionary as him?

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