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  • Going Viral… In A Good Way.

    Posted on January 26th, 2012 halliedominick No comments

    In this day and age our society seems to share one common goal. People want to achieve huge success in a small amount of time. The easiest place to achieve this is online. Whether it be through a website, a blog, or a YouTube video. This requires a little effort and a lot of luck. However, the little effort can be channeled in a direction that grants you a lot more luck. In an article on entitled “7 Priceless Tips On How To Go Viral,” Megan O’Neill outlines 7 strategies in our to achieve huge success. The 7 priceless tips include:

    1. Create viral, shareable media.
    2. Understand tha tmost things are not viral.
    3. Target the bored at work.
    4. Target the freaks and maniacs.
    5. The Mullet Strategy – business upfront, party in the back.
    6. Big Seed Marketing – because your content won’t share itself.
    7. Learn markting from the mormons.

    These tips highlight a lot of simple points you may not think to address before launching your viral campaign. The first tip addresses the fact that if you intend to have your idea go viral, it must be share worthy, full of humor or controversy. It is also important to realize that not everything will go viral. Your odds for success will increase with the number of ideas you propose. Most of these viral websites, blogs, or YouTube videos are targeted at a group of people entitled the “Bored At Work Network.” These people sit in front of there computers day-after-day with nothing to do but pa rouse the internet. In order for the “Bored At Work Network” to stumble upon your creation, it may be a good idea to get big personalities such as Perez Hilton to get a glimpse of your work. However, though your aim is to create share worthy ideas, full of humor and controversy, it is important to look professional up front. This way your audience will take your goal as serious as you do. In order to have a following you may need to create an initial audience. This is referred to as “Big Seed Marketing.” Using this strategy you would pay your initial audience and hope that word-of-mouth and positive talk would help spread your campaign. When starting off, putting money into your campaign can only prove fruitful. Last, realize that your campaign will not go viral on its own. The article references the Mormons vs. the Jews. It says that Mormons promote their religion. As evangelists they partake in activities like mission trips. Jews on the other hand keep their religion to themselves. This has resulted in a more favorable view of Mormons over the past 60 years. With the combination of these 7 tips it seems a little more doable to achieve huge success in a small amount of time.

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