Lindsay Whittaker
Graduate Student in Philosophy
University of Washington

Interests and Concentrations:

Primarily, I am interested in both food ethics and epistemology with concentrations in pet food ethics, testimony, and philosophy of liberation. My research and approach to teaching draws on philosophies of liberation in Latin America, feminist epistemology, feminist philosophy, and care ethics.



  • Food Ethics: production/consumption practices, pet food, concerns of complicity
  • Epistemic injustice: (dis)belief in testimony, implicit bias
  • Restorative Justice/Practices: non-retributive models of justice and harm mediation/reparation
  • Philosophy of Liberation: social movements, solidarity, and respect for alterity

My recent conference presentations address topics such as moral problems for owning and feeding pets, the application of restorative practices in coalition building, and, outside of philosophy, gendered elements of violence against trans* women of color.


Teaching Assistant Positions:

  • PHIL 102: Contemporary Moral Problems
  • PHIL 101: Introduction to Philosophy
  • PHIL 2115: Ancient Philosophy
  • PHIL 1504: Logic
  • PHIL 1204: Knowledge and Reality
  • PHIL 1304: Morality and Justice
  • PHIL 4334: Jurisprudence
  • PHIL 013: Introduction to Logic
  • CLAS 042: Mythology



M.A., Philosophy—2018
Virginia Tech

B.A., Greek, Latin, and Philosophy — 2014 
Minor: Sexuality and Gender Identity Studies
University of Vermont