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GSA thanks to all the participants of the GSA Research Symposium this year, and congratulates the top presenters!

Oral Presentation Awards:
Gold Karen Strat
Gold TeAirra Brown, Glenda Young
Gold James Budnick
Silver David Allen
Silver Samantha Erwin
Silver Jonathon Giuffria
Bronze Gary Richoux
Bronze Elsa Ludwig
Bronze Abhijit Sarkar
Bronze Willie Caldwell, Ryan McHugh, Tanner Upthegrove
Poster Presentation Awards:
Gold Abdullah Awaysheh
Gold Renee Pietsch
Gold Nina Wilson
Silver Daniel Rothschild
Silver Chelsea Corkins
Silver Assa Balayara
Bronze Imen Tanniche
Bronze Andrew Kulak
Bronze Najla Mouchrek
Bronze Shreya Mitra


We are excited to announce that the 32nd annual Graduate Research Symposium and Expo will be held in the Graduate Life Center (GLC) at Virginia Tech on Wednesday, March 23rd, 2016!

The GSA Research Symposium and Exposition provides a platform for exhilarating exchanges of ideas, invigorating interactions and valuable networking between participants, faculties, departments and research entities as well as corporate bodies, which could pave the way for interdisciplinary research discussion and future collaboration.

This year GSA Research Symposium is hosting 190+ works by graduate and advanced undergraduate students, in a variety of forms including oral and poster presentations, roundtable discussions, and creative installations. There will also be three workshops, and a speech by Abhi Nemani!

The updates regarding the program are coming soon!

Please feel free to register the workshops and mark your calendar for the Symposium & Expo!

If you have any questions and/or concerns, please feel free to contact with us via

Anthony Carno & Yesim Keskin
Research Symposium Co-Chairs

.pdf form of the flyer


.jpeg form of the flyer