About Us

Graduate Student Assembly (GSA)

The Graduate Student Assembly (GSA) is the governing body of approximately 4,000 on-campus and 2,000 off-campus graduate students. The GSA represents students’ concerns and serves as their liaison with the University Administration. GSA members also serve on a variety of University commissions and committees. In addition, the GSA administers two grant programs to directly promote research and educational efforts of its members. The GSA strongly promotes graduate student community across departments by providing social events to encourage graduate students to come together. Every year the GSA governing board and delegate body work to improve campus life, scholarly development, and graduate community by creating and implementing goals based on the issues and concerns of graduate students on campus.

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GSA Research Symposium & Exposition

The GSA Research Symposium and Exposition is an annual event organized by GSA since 1984. It is a unique opportunity for graduate and advanced undergraduate students to bring together ideas and research findings from different disciplines and showcase their scholarly pursuit and achievements.

The GSA Research Symposium and Exposition provides a platform for exhilarating exchanges of ideas, invigorating interactions and valuable networking between participants, faculties, departments and research entities as well as corporate bodies, which could pave the way for interdisciplinary research discussion and future collaboration.