‘the time has come to re-invent education…’ Don Tapscott

This TED talk re-emphasises Professor Shelli Fowler’s message in her presentation at the GPP 2012 Input Seminar ‘Making learning accessible through pedagogy and technology’. Even mentions Virginia Tech and the ‘Cave’ that we were able to visit last year (around the 12 min mark)!



1 thought on “‘the time has come to re-invent education…’ Don Tapscott

  1. Lucinda, this video is fantastic! It puts into easy, understandable, entertaining and convincing words what has been proven in many studies: digital natives learn differently. It just made me think about how I have hardly attended any lectures in the past three years since I started my PhD and how I have nevertheless learned so much! But then, it often comes back to intrinsic motivation: if you have it, you will learn. With all the resources out there, that’s no problem at all. Yet, if you – i.e. students – don’t have intrinsic motivation, it gets harder. So the best still seems to spark their curiosity and make them want to understand.

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