Annual Research Symposium and Exposition

We're going virtual! stay tuned for more information about our Research Symposium's new format

March 12 Update

We are currently restructuring the 36th Annual Graduate Student Assembly Research Symposium (GSARS) to run a 100% virtual event. Please bear with us as we set up our new structure to support presenters and judges in this process. Questions can be directed via email to our Research Symposium chairs and our Program Director.



As part of this event, we provide cash awards for the top participants in each of the major competitions: oral presentations, five-minute flash talks, poster presentations, and installations. In addition, we bring in a nationally recognized keynote speaker, and host an awards banquet and awards presentation.

The GSA Research Symposium and Exposition is a unique opportunity for graduate and advanced undergraduate students to bring together ideas and research findings from different disciplines and showcase their scholarly pursuits and achievements.

The GSA Research Symposium and Exposition provides a platform for an animated exchange of ideas and invigorating interactions, and also provides for valuable networking between participants, faculties, departments, and research entities as well as corporate bodies, which could pave the way for interdisciplinary research discussion and future collaboration.

As part of this event, we provide cash awards for the top participants in each of the major competitions: oral presentations, five-minute flash talks, poster presentations, and installations. All the abstracts submitted to the 36th Annual GSA Research Symposium were anonymously reviewed by two or more peer reviewers in order to ensure the high quality of the presentations in communicating with a broad audience.

March 18 Update

In the few days since the announcement, we have been hard at work building the Canvas site that we will use for the upload of the videos and for communications between the presenters and the judges. We are also working with the library to ensure that these videos remain accessible as part of their collection, and the conference book will, as always, be created and maintained there as well.

We would like to share some important updates:
1. All presentations will be done via video, which will be uploaded to the appropriate section in our Canvas site. This asynchronous portion of the event will allow judges to review the presentations at times that are convenient to them during this shift to online courses.
2. Live feedback and the ability to ask questions of presenters, and to participate actively in this event has always been an important part of the GSA Research Symposium. To that end, we will be creating a schedule for the different groups of presenters and judges to allow for that interaction. However, we will be limiting those sessions to Q&As, which will provide the judges with further details about the presentations.
3. The date of the event must be shifted to allow for these changes, for the shift to creating video presentations (a new skill set for some of our presenters), and for the added workload that many of us are encountering.

To that end, here are the new dates:
Monday, March 23 Conference Book available
Wednesday, March 25 Keynote Speech publically available
Wednesday, April 8 Video presentations uploaded to Canvas
Wednesday, April 15 Zoom Q&A Sessions (Schedules will be posted by April 8)
Friday, April 17 Judge Scoring Completed
Monday, April 20 Winners announced

Call For Judges

We know you value the advice of our faculty, professional staff, and advisors. Please invite them to join us as judges! They, too, will receive a token of our regard and free food, but more importantly, they will have the opportunity to give valuable professional feedback. We ask that any judges commit to at least one time slot. Please encourage your faculty to join us in this opportunity to engage graduate students in a professional development opportunity, serving our campus by providing an audience to reflect on the wide variety of research that will be shared!