The “Dr. Rich” Cap & Gown Program

Are you graduating soon? Does the daunting prospect of purchasing a cap and gown make you want to skip your graduation ceremony?

Never fear: the Graduate Student Assembly’s “Dr. Rich” Cap and Gown Program (named for GSA’s previous Director of Finance, Richard Rodrigues, who began the program) will loan a limited number of graduation gowns and caps to graduate students participating in our upcoming Fall 2019 graduation ceremonies. Go to that graduation ceremony and bask in the glory of your accomplishments!

Each student who wins the lottery will be eligible, in exchange for a $10 fee, to rent a gown in their respective size AND one (one size fits all) cap. The hood and tassel are NOT provided by GSA and should be purchased by the student. Since this is a loan program, students will be held fully responsible for returning the gown and cap in fair condition to the GSA. Please keep in mind that these caps and gowns may have been used in previous years, but have been cleaned prior to hand out. Remember, however, this is only a loan program.

You will be charged $100 if: 
a) you do not return your cap and gown by the closing date, or b) if the cap and gown are damaged and no longer usable.

Note that we accept cash or check ONLY as forms of payment. If you do choose to pay with a check, be sure to make it out to “Treasurer of Virginia Tech” – this is the only way your check will be accepted.

December 2019 “Lottery” Information

Please be aware: Application to the lottery does not guarantee you a cap and gown

Cost: $10 rental, payable Cash or Check ONLY (Check MUST BE made out to “Treasurer of Virginia Tech”)
What you get: One cap and one gown (either Master’s or PhD) necessary for commencement
We DO NOT provide tassels, hoods, or other required items
What you need to do: Visit our qualtrics survey and submit your lottery information
When: Applications will be accepted until Tuesday, December 10. Lottery is first come, first
served! Notifications will be delivered no later than Friday, December 13.

Pickups will be:

  • Monday, December 16,
  • Wednesday, December 18, and
  • Thursday, December 19.

Drop offs will be:

  • Friday, December 20 after commencement ceremony through Monday, December 23, depending on the availability of the GLC.
  • Drop offs will be accepted on Saturday, December 21.

Please remember others will be leaving campus very quickly for the Winter Holidays and work with us to allow them a great season, too!

This year only!

For Master’s students: We have a very limited collection of the Master’s gowns
with the old lapel design. We will offer them (and a cap) for sale at $25! Make note of your preference on the qualtrics survey!

Questions? Please email us at