Commissions and Committees Representatives

The GSA Commissions and Committees Representatives are graduate students appointed by the GSA Executive Board to represent graduate student interests in Virginia Tech’s governance structure.

VT Governance

Virginia Tech is a Public Land-grant University governed by a Board of Visitors that is appointed by the Governor of Virginia and confirmed by the Senate of Virginia. The graduate students at Virginia Tech are represented at the Board of Visitors by a non-voting representative nominated by the GSA and selected by the Board of Visitors.

The day-to-day operation of the University is overseen and directed by the President of the University, who is appointed by the Board of Visitors. The President is assisted by his/her staff, comprising of the Provost, Vice-Presidents, Academic Deans, and their staff. The President’s administration is advised by the University Council, which is the deliberative body in which University Policies and Regulations are generated and discussed. The GSA appoints three (3) voting Cabinet Representative to the University Council.

The University Council is assisted and advised by its Commissions, which are smaller deliberative bodies with a narrower scope in their charges. For the most part, University Policies originates from one or more of these Commissions. The GSA appoints at least one (1) or more voting Cabinet Representatives to each of these Commissions. The Commissions reports to the University Council.

For topics that are even narrower, the President of the University may form Standing Committees of the University Council with specific charges. The GSA appoints one (1) or more Cabinet Representatives to some of these Committees. These Committees report to one or more of the University Council Commissions. In addition, the GSA may be asked from time to time by various administrative units of the University to appoint graduate student representatives to committees, boards, or task forces.

The Commissions and Committees Representatives of the GSA are an integral part of the organization, as they engaged in the formation and discussion of important University Policies. These representatives report directly to the GSA Executive Board, who are in turn required to report their findings and deliberations to the General Assembly. Commissions and Committees Representatives who are not also Departmental Delegates are designated by the Constitution as Delegates-at-Large in the General Assembly.

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