Executive Board and Executive Council

The day-to-day operation of the GSA is overseen and directed by the GSA Executive Board. The GSA Executive Board comprised of six (6) officers elected by the GSA Departmental Delegates, and two (2) non-voting members who serve ex officio. The GSA Executive Board acts on behalf of the Departmental Delegates and General Assembly, and performs executive duties that include setting the overall agenda of the GSA; chairing General Meetings; executive appointments; deliberations with university administration (including the Graduate School); administration of GSA programs and events; management of GSA finances, dissemination of relevant and important information from elsewhere in the University to the rest of the GSA; and other duties that pertain to the general operation of the GSA.

2019-20 Elected Officers of the GSA Executive Board

President | Hani Awni
Vice President | Alexis Hruby
Director of Programs | Sharon Stidham
Director of Finance| Maruf Hoque
Director of Communications | Martina Svyantek
Director of Events | Cortney Steele


2019-20 GSA Exec Board Ex-Officio Members

Graduate Assistant to the GSA | Anurag Mantha
Graduate Representative to the Board of Visitors | Ryan King

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Please note that the Executive Council is also comprised of the Program Chairs, and the Judicial Committee Chair. These positions will be appointed by the Executive Board in September of 2019.