Filters – The cybergods must be crazy?

I’m both relieved that the readings this week found a more receptive audience than the AHR Forum on modernity did, and delighted with the breadth and sophistication of the posts on Too Big To Know, the Tosh chapters on sources, and William Cronon’s Presidential Address on Storytelling.  I can tell we are in for a good class session on Tuesday!  It seems that several of us have mixed feelings about the expanding world of digitally-networked knowledge, although most of us find the promises of that world for historical inquiry and the practice of history to more compelling than repelling.  That’s a good thing, since the clock is unlikely to turn itself back.

Now if Dr. Emmett (the student of all sciences) could just fix the kinks in our motherblog!  I’m sorry some of you had trouble getting your posts to syndicate properly.  And I’m finding it fairly frustrating to try to comment on these wonderful posts and then have the comment not appear.  (I know, for example that I responded to Betsy and Chelsea’s posts, but my comments seem to have vanished!) I think I know what part of the problem is, and we can talk about it in class.  I’ll be in touch with the IT folks as well.  In the meantime, please keep the conversations going as best you can.  It does take up to an hour for something you post on your blog to be picked up by the main blog.  Please don’t keep posting the same thing over and over.  Some of your posts got hung up in a “pending” status because the main blog didn’t know what to do with several copies of the same thing.  I’ve had better luck going directly to a blog from the “contributors” page than I have with some of the syndicated posts. So you might try that if the motherblog seems to be misbehaving and the smartest person in the room is your cat (who seems to be sleeping on a well-thumbed copy of Tosh).


Navigation / Inspiration

I got so much out of this first set of posts and am looking forward to processing them over the next couple of days and in class on Tuesday!  Thanks to all of you for getting us off to a good start.  I will have some more substantive thoughts to post soon, but in the meantime wanted to encourage everyone to do two things:

1) set the comments on your blog (in “discussion” under “settings”) so that you don’t have to moderate each one.  This will allow the dialogue to flow more freely and you won’t have to “babysit” your blog and approve each comment before it shows up on your page.

2) put a link back to the motherblog on your blog somewhere so that when people read one of your posts they can easily backtrack to the main website.

Happy Labor Day!