McKinsey & Company event

McKinsey & Company has an exciting opportunity for your international student population.

McKinsey has created a new event called Global Connect for individuals in North America who are from, or passionate about, fast-growing global markets.  Those chosen to attend the event will learn how McKinsey works with the private, public, and social sectors in Asia, Africa, Central Europe, Latin America and the Middle East by participating in  an interactive weekend with our team.  We would like your help in sharing this opportunity with your students – in conversations with students and by posting is application link and event description on your school portals, newsletters, or any other appropriate channel.

Event Name: McKinsey Global Connect
Friday, September 21 – Sunday, September 23
Join McKinsey in Washington, DC in September to learn how we work and solve problems in fast-growing economies. We will fly those selected to Washington DC and you will learn how we work with the private, public, and social sectors in Asia, Africa, Central & Eastern Europe, Latin America and the Middle East.
Who is eligible:
To be eligible, you must be studying for a JD, Master’s, MBA, or PhD degree in North America; filling a postdoctoral post in North America; pursuing a medical degree, internship, or residency in North America; or working as a professional in North America with at least two years of work experience. In addition, you should either be a native of a fast-growing economy or have a passion for or prior knowledge about one of these economies.

For more information and to apply by the June 15, 2018 deadline, please visit
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