Factors Influencing Judgment

In Palmer’s article, “The resident could not give her charges the attention they needed; she later described herself as “feeling ‘overwhelmed’ by the responsibility of caring for so many patients” (Palmer, 2007, p.8). “What kept her playing her role as an obedient underling in this tragedy instead of speaking truth to power?” (Palmer, 2007, p.8). I decided to explore factors (separate from hospital operations) that influence the judgment of doctors. I found an article about doctors treating patients complaining about pain. According to it, doctors “want to make sure a person isn’t trying to scam them for painkillers” (Ulene, 2010). The article also states that “Doctors judge by gender, race, occupation and income level” (Ulene, 2010). I believe the judgment of other professionals can also be influenced by these factors.

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