Innovation Campuses

In this post I share some of the information I found about the recent trend of innovation campuses. I was introduced to the idea of an “Innovation Campus” in 2018 when Virginia Tech announced their innovation campus in conjunction with Amazon’s revelation that its new HQ2 will be located in Northern Virginia. Optimistic views  Innovation … Continue reading Innovation Campuses

Grad 5104_PFP Course Description

As one of the core requirements for the Future Professoriate Certificate offered by the VT graduate school, the purpose of this course is to provide graduate students with an understanding and contextual knowledge of the professoriate and issues facing higher education. These topics include faculty roles and responsibilities, changing demographics and nature of the students/learners,Continue reading “Grad 5104_PFP Course Description”

Rising Cost of Higher Ed

The rising cost of higher education has been a cause of concern for many students and their families. We have more students leaving colleges and universities with huge amounts of debt that will take them years to pay back, assuming that they can even pay all of it back within their lifetimes. Below, we can …

Zoom for Remote Learning

I want to reflect on the challenges for interaction and collaboration using Zoom after a semester of going almost full-remote. A significant amount of my class time are conducted using Zoom in this semester. Apart from occasional hiccups, it was functional for me most of the time. It allows the active speaker to share what …

Additional Blog Post

When everything shutdown last spring due to COVID-19, people were not sure the effect this would have on mental health and, particularly, college student’s mental health. Some people who are highly extraverted started struggling earlier, while introverted people were able to sustain themselves longer. Eventually though, everyone was feeling the effect. This slump was feltContinue reading “Additional Blog Post”

Artificial Intelligence in Higher Education

During the pandemic, virtual learning has been discussed more and more, and artificial intelligence (AI) as teaching tools has become the next step in education. In an article, ( a research project, at the University of Colorado Boulder, about “embodied human computer interaction” has been studied to use AI as teaching assistant and enhance learningContinue reading “Artificial Intelligence in Higher Education”