Women in High-ed

Before the 19th century, higher education was designed primary for men. At that time woman’s role was narrowed to households, wives and mothers. However, through activists’ efforts that fought for the right of higher education for females, women started attending to universities and earning higher degrees. A report released in 2017, shows how women are […]

Characteristics of “Good” Assessments, or Characteristics of Assessments that are actually aligned with Pedagogy

“One of the most dangerous and persistent myths in American education is that the challenges of assessing student learning will be met if only the right instrument can be found – the test with psychometric properties so outstanding that we … Continue reading

The Ultimate Aim of Teaching

While co-constructing knowledge, students interact with three different features of content – incidental features, surface features, and deep features (Schwartz & Nasir, 2003).  First, incidental features are characteristics of the context surrounding a concept, not the concept itself.  They can … Continue reading

A Better Research Poster

The Communicating Science Workshop was framed in reference to verbal communication.  However, it could have also been framed in reference to visual communication, particularly considering the role poster sessions at research conferences play in the professional development of graduate students. … Continue reading

Service-Based Learning as a Pathway to Undergraduate Engineering

Overall, students develop personal goals of pursuing specific disciplines at colleges and universities and participating in specific fields in the workforce if they believe that they can ultimately be successful in doing so and doing so will serve as a … Continue reading

How the Mind Works

In order to theorize how the mind works, I am of the belief that you actually have to explain how individuals learn.  In order to learn, every individual must actively participate in his or her own learning by connecting information … Continue reading