Disrupting the traditional pedagogy

The idea of “Banking education” where the Professor plays the role of the narrator and the student only listens and reproduces those ideas is pretty new and old to me! This type of pedagogy for sure is the most used in all universities around the world. I have been before in many classes where the … More Disrupting the traditional pedagogy

Who can assess?

Grades have always been my metric to evaluate my progress during the years of education, and I think how to take an exam is a skill to acquire: managing time, strategies to answer questions based on the question type, etc. Especially that as a personal experience, we had to plan at least a couple of […]

How do students feel about alternative assessments?

As I was reading through the material this week, I agreed with many of the arguments made in favor of alternatives to traditional exams. Yet, I also found myself concerned by some of the criticisms proposed against alternative assessment formats. For example, Lombardi (2008) highlighted some pushback from faculty, who may be concerned with the […]

Assessing learning?

Is assessment the ONLY way to evaluate if students have learned? Does this work? Which other options are available out there? This week I have been reflecting on how professors evaluate their students. I felt somehow identified whit this week’s topic. I will explain briefly why. For most of my life, and in almost all … More Assessing learning?