An Inclusive Ecosystem

In the beginning of the semester, we talked about ways to create an inclusive classroom. From a physical space perspective, one idea might be to have a wheelchair accessible doorway into a classroom, or a build a lab countertop at … Continue reading

Where To Go From Here?

Thinking over the last three weeks about diversity and inclusion and problem and case based learning I realized how much of these my major in undergrad had and my masters program has both these types of learning. Originally before becoming a Human Development major I was a Social Work major. I can attest that not only […]

Moving forward

Over the past few weeks, we’ve learned about inclusive pedagogy and case-/project-/problem-based learning. As we move to another professor and another section of the class, it’s time to reflect and figure out how to use what we’ve learned so far. For inclusive pedagogy, the biggest thing that has stood out to me is the idea …

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Getting Hands Dirty!

Remember those days in kindergarten when we were asked to make models out of clay and we would just get to it not worrying of how beautiful our clay model would like? As years went by, the approach of getting … Continue reading

Case-Based Learning

One of my most valuable classes I’ve taken here at Virginia Tech was a Human Resources course in my first year of my masters program in Public Administration. This course was mostly case based learning, both individual assignments and a large group assignment. As we went through the course and learned new topics and theories […]

My Most Valuable Learning Experience

I would have to say that Inclusion and Diversity in a Global Society has been the most impactful class I have taken so far. I walked into this class with a preconceived notion of what inclusion was and what it … Continue reading