Student debt: an overdue problem

I had a hard time making up my mind on what $ 1.7 trillion means, which equals twelve zeros. Twelve. It surpasses by orders of magnitude the debt of numerous African countries like Niger and Senegal, or any South American or Eastern European. That’s the total student debt for Americans as of April 2021.  Forty-five …

Thought explorer or memory champion?

Everyone has a level of intelligence that perceives and captures knowledge through customized lenses. I think diverse views toward one topic can build a more holistic image of it rather than merely relying on one or a few major views. The agency of each mind is a concern that needs to be taken into account […]

Critical Pedagogy

As I’m catching up on over-due blog posts and reflecting on information in bulk, this topic was the least intuitive based on the title. Even from the readings and listening to the podcast, I wasn’t clear on what “critical pedagogy” means, and just felt that we were approaching being critical of pedagogy, each of theContinue reading “Critical Pedagogy”


I hate grading. I hate worrying about grades, I hate being measured by my grades, and I hate grading other peoples work as a TA. It offers such an interesting dimension into how well learning and teaching are taking place. On one hand, it should offer a generally objective way to assess all students, thisContinue reading “Assessment”

Case-based Pedagogy

I think in general, case-based or problem-based learning can be a great tool. However, I think there is a limitation in how relatable some subjects can be. Typically in my field, the cases that are presented are all medical based. In some ways it is extremely helpful and maintains relevancy because much of the neuroscienceContinue reading “Case-based Pedagogy”

#PedagogyFails: Balancing the Critical with the Hopeful

As several other bloggers wrote this week, I struggled to grasp the idea of how critical pedagogy would look in practice. I found a helpful, short piece in the Edvocate that highlighted five steps educators can take to implement critical pedagogy in their classrooms. The step that resonated most with me was number 3: present […]