My experiences with online and distance learning: The good, the bad, and the ugly

This seems like an especially well-timed blog topic, given that I missed last week’s class while traveling for a conference and am catching up via the class recording. (Note for Anurag: I also prefer to leave my shoelaces tied in between wearings. There are dozens of us!) I’ve had a few experiences with online and …

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Online Learning

Sadly I have more options to choose from for poor experiences with online learning. I would have to say the overall worst was taking pre-calc at Virginia Tech at the Math Empo. While the class officially had an instructor, I felt that I was stuck teaching myself all of the material. They had tutors and […]

My One Online Class Experience

I have not had many online or distant learning experiences, and the one I did have was from seventeen years ago. While technology has certainly evolved since then, the way the class was organized is still pretty similar to some … Continue reading

Digital Pedagogy

Because of this class Blogging caught my eye first on the list of keywords. This course has given me a good experience with blogging. Putting thoughts and ideas out there to share for the class to see is a great way for individuals like me who are a little less talkative in class to still […]

Digital Pedagogy and Fieldwork

I was surprised to find “fieldwork” while scrolling through the list of terms in the MLA’s collection on digital pedagogy. As someone not very familiar with the humanities, I was curious to learn more about what humanities fieldwork entails, and how digital tools could be applied to something that is so deeply connected to the …

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Digital Pedagogy: Architecture and Design

Digital pedagogy is not the first thing that comes to mind when I think about my field of Architecture and Design. I remember the first day of class as a freshman, we were each handed a 24×24 piece of chip … Continue reading