The Future of the University

One thing I would really like to see change within higher education is an emphasis on the quality of work produced by faculty members rather than the quantity of work. I feel that, especially in recent years, members of the … Continue reading

Technology and Innovation in the Classroom

Technology can be a useful tool in the classroom, or it can serve as a persistent distraction. Banning the use of technology in the classroom is no longer particularly feasible when so many students use their computers and tablets to … Continue reading

Last Blog Plot

Taking this class has shown me how messed up higher education can be. While I already knew it just from my experiences in graduate school and undergrad, it never really clicked. Now it does. However, I still want to pursue my dreams of becoming a tenure-track professor at an R1 institution. I want to encourageContinue reading “Last Blog Plot”

Higher Education Institutions Systems of Support for Student Mental Health

In writing this blog post I wanted to talk about living with high functioning social anxiety and being in graduate school. While I was thinking about this particular post, I was reminded of an assignment I completed in one of my fall classes. We were a…

Why Go To Grad School?

 I have been asked by many of my friends: why did you choose to go to grad school right after college? For me the answer was easy: I wanted my career to be teaching college students so it meant I had to earn a PhD. While this was my surface-level …

Explaining the Importance of Academic Work to Those Outside of Academia

As a freshman in college, I realized I wanted to be a professor which meant I would need to go on to get my masters and PhD in my research field. In deciding this, I knew there would be challenges in convincing my family this was a good idea. When I o…