I just read an article by John McIntyre in the Baltimore Sun about the word(?) “irregardless.” The specific debate is whether or not “irregardless” is a real word. But the more general argument that McIntyre brings up is the question … Continue reading

How different is my world from the island country of Lilliput?

 From my childhood, I know the island country of Lilliput in which the tiny people of Galliver story are living is different from my world from different aspects. Now after several years working in the area of micro and nano sciences I can understand all great differences between these two worlds much better. I can […]

A different perspective of Higher Education

Hello guys, I would like to share this TED Talk about the “Barefoot College” in India.  I think it provides a different perspective on the ideals that Higher Education should pursue: “In Rajasthan, India, an extraordinary school teaches rural women … Continue reading

Is it beneficial to go for a double major as a graduate student?

I know that this is a very general topic and the answer may depend on the very specific situations for individuals. However, having this thought at the beginning or even before starting a program can even guide the mind for … Continue reading