Money is our problem!!

OMG!!! This week was really bad…. On January 4th, 2012 I received the news from my employer (a university in Mexico that are paying my PhD studies), that my salary will be reduced 36% on Feb. 15th, 2012. During the … Continue reading

Student Representation

This is just formulating a quick thought, hopefully stimulating discussion. Every occupational group has their lobbyists, labor union, stakeholders and so forth. Now students are not exactly an occupational group but they pose a subset of society and their voices … Continue reading

Agriculture and creativity

Ploughing the field The moment the soil is turned, oxygen penetrates places it was unable to previously. This process of interior revolution is very important – because, just as the field’s new look will see sunlight for the first time, a new asses… Continue reading

The PhD factory- surprising or not so much?

I felt like the article didn’t really surprise me, but it was sobering to see some of the statistics on paper.   Of course, it is not surprising to hear of the lack of positions available for PhDs (as is the … Continue reading

thefountain’s decisions

Reading thefountain’s post, it was an all too familiar story for me. As an undergraduate, I, too, experienced discouraging advising. Like many undergraduates, I came to school with an idea of what I wanted to major in, but, of course, … Continue reading

I wear a tie.

Last semester was rough. Many 15-hour days, 60-hour workweeks, little food, little sleep, and a lot of recitation preparation and data collection. Most days I showed up to my recitation in scrubby lab clothes, a ponytail, and 5 hours of sleep fueling my mind. As such, I rarely felt truly prepared and almost never felt […]