Measuring and Rewarding Pedagogical Competence

If you are available during the afternoon of 29 November 2012, please consider attending a special brown bag lunch with two faculty members from Lund University. Jointly hosted by the Office of Assessment and Evaluation, the Educational Leadership and Policy Studies, and the Educational Research and Evaluation program, this seminar features special guests Thomas Olsson…

Google Scholar Research Tools

Recently I found that many of my friends and colleagues are unaware of the tools in Google Scholar that can help in your research. So, I’ll brief them up here: Apart from searching for papers and citations, Google Scholar has … Continue reading

Red and Blue – How does it influence our decisions?

I know this is election fever time, but this post is not about that Red and Blue.

Almost everyone in the class would be looking to build a website and host your professional development portfolio. So, when you are looking to build a website, what color options do you choose – is it going to […]

Collective Suicide Planned for Guarani

Here is a story that I wanted to bring your attention to . . . a terrible story of suffering and denial that has culminated in a request for collective suicide.A letter signed by the leaders of the indigenous village Guarani-Kaiowá of M…

No Environmentalism in Presidential Debates

I wanted to highlight a story from today’s Diane Rehm show. The focus in on the absence of discussion on environmental issues in the presidential debates. This is a topic that I had my students look into earlier this semester, and it’s not surprising t…

One course – 150,000 students!

I recently came across an article in The New York Times about online courses. What attracted me to it was the title, “One Course, 150,000 Students.” It is an interview with Dr. Anant Agarwal, the director of M.I.T.’s Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence Laboratory. He was talking on behalf of the MITx, MIT’s new online […]