Things that have happened in the past two weeks

1. As previously mentioned, I passed my prospectus defense. Yay! 2. I got a wisdom tooth pulled. Not so much yay. 3. I messed up my neck, which left me incapacitated for a few days and in need of a … Continue reading

Trying to Find a Measure for How Well Colleges Do

An article from New York Times discussed finding a measure for how well colleges do ( It is truly difficult to find a perfect measure for the performance of college education. Different emphasis may cause different results, because colleges may … Continue reading

PhD Factory vs. Academic Duty

  The article backs up with serious research what I think is already common knowledge in grad school: job opportunities are scarce, demand of jobs is higher than supply, material benefits don’t always seem to be worthy of the effort,  … Continue reading

Interdisciplinary PhDs

More and more the English department is moving towards interdisciplinary studies and finding connections between literature and “the real world”. I’ve found that one effect of the search for relevant English studies is the poor fit of current PhD programs. … Continue reading