Intellectual Embargos

I came across an article on the Chronicle discussing global education the other day, and found a few things quite interesting about it.

Detente With Cuba Offers Florida Colleges Opportunities – and Hurdles.

The law, passed in 2006, “prohibits Florida’s public universities and community colleges from using state funds, private donations, or grants for travel to any nation identified as a terrorist state by the U.S. Department of State” – including Cuba, Iran, and Syria among others. When challenged by the American Civil Liberties Union, the courts largely upheld the law – only exempting students and professors at Florida’s private institutions from being prohibited.

In essence, academic freedom for faculty in Florida’s public institutions has been, and mostly continues to be stifled in this regard. With the conversations we have had off and on this fall regarding faculty ranks, the tenure process, et cetera – the importance and value of academic freedom should not be forgotten. Though very legitimate arguments can be made both for and against the tenure process in my opinion, what happens to the academic freedom and integrity of “faculty” in the future? What do these “rights” look like in the future?

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