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As a component of the Virginia Tech course GRAD 5104: Preparing the Future Professoriate, this blog is designed to promote digital conversation about higher education and graduate students’ (aka the future professoriate) collective places therein. Since the GRAD 5104 course meets only once per week, the blogosphere provides opportunities for the 50+ participants to more thoroughly discuss the intricacies of higher education (locally, nationally, globally, past, present, future, etc.).

Instead of having each of the 50+ participants contribute to one blog, each participant is responsible for developing an individual and then creating their own blog content. These unique and independent blogs are then aggregated to create the central GRAD 5104 blog. This approach is designed to allow for more individual authorial autonomy while still maintaining the important communal nature of this ongoing discussion.

To the right you will find a list of all blogs currently feeding the central GRAD 5104 blog. Feel free to explore the unique individual blogs that supply the engaging and dynamic content you already enjoy reading at the central GRAD 5104 blog.