Loans in education

Forbes released an article named “Price of College Increasing Almost 8 Times Faster than Wages” that made me reflect if the current system is sustainable. Students loans can determine the future of a person, since there are so many cases that they decide where to work to pay the loans instead to fulfill their passions. Day […]

To refelct.. micro-credentials

Big companies and private industries looks to hire specialized people according to their needs. Currently, micro-credentials are used to fulfill those needs. Micro–credentials are a competency-based digital form of certification. They can be issued for formal and informal professional learning experiences that support educators developing skills and acquiring knowledge to improve professional practice that supports student […]

Blogs and posting

Nowadays, the use of technology in higher education is implied and blogging is one of the most popular exercises that encourage students and professors to be updated. Moreover, by posting thoughts, sharing experiences, and information through media platforms encourage conversations beyond the academic world. Community members, students, faculty, government officers, public and private industry use […]

Women in High-ed

Before the 19th century, higher education was designed primary for men. At that time woman’s role was narrowed to households, wives and mothers. However, through activists’ efforts that fought for the right of higher education for females, women started attending to universities and earning higher degrees. A report released in 2017, shows how women are […]

Changing the future on High-Ed

Higher education is facing changes through innovation strategies to improve the teaching-learning process. Traditional methods are evolving, roles of professors are more inclined to engage students to think out of the box, use the lates evidence and technology for the active learning process. So, why do the system is not evolving? Now a days, scientists […]

Technology and education disparities

Technology is transforming education with the evolving society.  Now a days people Is expanding access through the use of internet where is not necessary to be in the same place to be connected. Platforms are creating linkages between people that encourage collaboration with flexibility. However, not everything is fairy tale. While some countries and regions […]

Corruption in open access publishing?

Now a days, technology makes the information more accesible than ever where academia is not the exception. Publishing science is taking new approaches to facilitate broad access to the most recent evidence. Free access to research findings can accelerate discovery since individuals involved in science can read and enhance their investigations from others findings without restriction. […]

What is behind research misconduct?

Tenure-track, funding, peer-review publications, teaching, advising, graduation, dissertations, preliminary exams, certifications… are just some examples of the constant pressures that academics and researchers (including PhD and post-doctoral students) face daily. However, does this justify taking intellectual property of others, commit plagiarism, claim undeserved authorship, violations of rules, or falsification of data? Nowadays, misconduct among researchers […]

“Mission”: more than just a goal

The word “mission” is commonly used in our daily lives, often used by individuals or organizations to refer an assignment or goal either for short or longterm. When it comes to organizations and institutions, the mission reflects more than just a task. As Julián David Cortés-Sánchez has pointed in his blog, “mission” reflects purpose, ambition and values. […]

Taking teaching into the next level

Personally, I think that by creating, sharing and applying knowledge to a student forum are fundamental to teach. But, one of the element secrets to take teaching into the next level is understand and take advantage of diversity in all senses. Katherine W. Philips states “This is how diversity works: by promoting hard work and creativity; […]