I'm a first year graduate student working towards my Masters in Public Administration and the Future Professoriate Certificate at Virginia Tech. I received my B.S. in Human Development with a minor in Sociology from Virginia Tech and am a current member of the Virginia Tech Women's Tennis Team.

Mindful Learning

Mindful learning is not a new concept to me. I was homeschooled for many years and my mom spent a lot of time making sure that I was experiencing mindful learning and not mindless learning. My mom didn’t like the school system where we lived because it was a lot of mindless learning  so she […]

Authority vs. Authoritarian Teaching

An authority teacher is someone who is the face of the classroom, participates in the learning, moderates conflict, and enhances discussions. On the other hand an authoritarian professor controls the classroom, doesn’t allow for free thought, and reigns over the students and inhibit and are not a part of the learning process.  (Holland, 2018) Before […]

Online Learning

Sadly I have more options to choose from for poor experiences with online learning. I would have to say the overall worst was taking pre-calc at Virginia Tech at the Math Empo. While the class officially had an instructor, I felt that I was stuck teaching myself all of the material. They had tutors and […]

Digital Pedagogy

Because of this class Blogging caught my eye first on the list of keywords. This course has given me a good experience with blogging. Putting thoughts and ideas out there to share for the class to see is a great way for individuals like me who are a little less talkative in class to still […]

Where To Go From Here?

Thinking over the last three weeks about diversity and inclusion and problem and case based learning I realized how much of these my major in undergrad had and my masters program has both these types of learning. Originally before becoming a Human Development major I was a Social Work major. I can attest that not only […]

Case-Based Learning

One of my most valuable classes I’ve taken here at Virginia Tech was a Human Resources course in my first year of my masters program in Public Administration. This course was mostly case based learning, both individual assignments and a large group assignment. As we went through the course and learned new topics and theories […]

Inclusive Pedagogy

Inclusive pedagogy is important in Public Administration because we need diverse viewpoints to best meet the needs of those from different backgrounds. Public policy controlled by the dominant group, with similar characteristics amongst themselves, does not benefit those of the public who are not part of this dominant group. Making Public Administration a field where everyone […]

Sexual Harassment in Higher Education

Sexual harassment in higher education is something that in the last few years has been talked about more and more. While it’s being talked about more, the problem itself is still around and has been forever. Sexual harassment is a difficult enough situation to address in any workplace but adding in the institutionalized culture of […]

Greek Life

Greek life has a long history on university campuses in the US. In recent years the negative aspects of greek life have come to the attention of the country. Sexual assault, hazing, and drinking have become hot topics among the media, university boards, students, and parents. While none of these negative aspects of greek life […]

Core Curriculum in Higher Education

Core curriculum is a part of nearly every university in the United States. It normally consists of English, History, Math, Science, and Social Science classes. There is debate over core curriculum and if it’s serving the purpose of providing well rounded students, or just pushing students to take the easiest class to fulfill a requirement. […]