Faculty Statement

I need to bust my tail every day in order to teach students how to work hard. I need to be fastidious in my physical exams to teach students how to pay attention to details. I need to fill out labels, put bands on, and double and … Continue reading

Interdisciplinary cooperation: is it like a middle school dance at first?

I can see it now – animal scientists lined up along one wall, veterinarians lined up along the other.  Every once and awhile someone wanders over to the punch bowl.  Finally they play the Macarena and a few brave souls … Continue reading

The heaviest responsibility

This is the part of my job that I hate the most: deciding whether another individual should be allowed to join my profession.  It is wholly necessary and yet I detest it.  Students come through as fourth years, having spent so … Continue reading

Meningitis outbreak at Princeton

A total of 7 students at Princeton University have come down with bacterial meningitis since March.  While 6 of those students have recovered and the 7th is expected to recover, the mortality associated with this disease is typically 10%.  Adolescents … Continue reading

PhDs on Welfare

I just read a great article about a woman who had her PhD but couldn’t find a full time job for quite some time and ended up on welfare: There was a lot of backlash when her story was … Continue reading

Spousal hires

I just read an article from the Chronicle about spousal hires: The idea of spousal hiring makes sense, particularly for institutions in sparsely populated areas.  I like the idea of the employer taking care of employees and valuing their … Continue reading

Does America need a slogan to attract foreign college students?

I just read an article in the Chronicle for Higher Education about our popularity amoung students from other countries: The article listed Great Britain and Australia along with the US as some of the most popular destinations. I would … Continue reading

Integrity in research is like handing over the keys when you’ve had one too many

I just read about Matthew Poore and the data he falsified: Here’s what I think: lying about research is like drunk driving.  It’s too easy to do.  And we aren’t very good at detecting all the times it happens.  … Continue reading

Open Access – who’s going to pay for it?

Science Publications ( is a company that publishes peer-reviewed research online in 29 different journals with unlimited access for the general public.  Authors pay $45-$70/page for the first 8 pages and $100/page for extra pages.  This fee covers: “the journal’s … Continue reading

Mission: Education?

Graduating from a college does not qualify you to be an expert on college education in general or even your alma mater.  In fact, far from it.  My undergraduate experience was entirely unique to me and my chosen path through school.  My classmates … Continue reading