Being a Faculty Member

The traditional way of looking at being a faculty member includes the three primary things that are looked at when a faculty member is going up for tenure and promotion—teaching, research/scholarship, and service. Those categories can be viewed as quite narrow or as umbrella ideas. None of it is as short as they might seem. […]

Are We Losing Sight of the Students?

There are many challenges that face Higher Education right now and many directions that it could go. Many of what is discussed revolves around the financial situation of institutions and the students who are attending. However, through all of these discussions there is one thing that seems to frequently get lost—the students. Sometimes it feels […]

Losing Single-Sex Education

I am a graduate of a single-sex institution (also known as an all-women’s college). I am quite proud to have gone to a single-sex college. I feel like it prepared me for my career path and the world better than any other institution would have. Today I started noticing that many of my fellow alums […]

Online Presence

According to this Chronicle article– –building an online brand is an essential way for a professor who wants to connect with students and when scholars share about their personal lives are rated to having the most credibility. Is this true in all cases? Even in small towns or small campuses where people know you […]

A Lavender's View of Higher Ed. » PFP14S 2014-04-14 23:02:47

It took a little bit of digging but I was able to find a couple of different journals that look at family studies and/or queer studies. Only one was based in the United States. The other three were out of Canada, Finland, and Australia. Even the journals from international locations have editors from more than […]

First Year Seminars

I’ve noticed a pattern emerging in Higher Ed. of institutions building programs for first year students. Frequently it is a part of the Quality Enhancement Plan for accreditation purposes. The point of it is to help students become acclimated to the school and to help them with writing and thinking, since we all know that […]

An Interesting Blog To Follow

For those who might be interested, there is an interesting blog out there called The Professor is In. You can find it here: The woman who writes it used to be in academia but decided to leave a few years ago and has some interesting insights into the world of academia (positive and negative). She […]

Mission Statements from Women’s Colleges

This is the first blog entry for my Future Professoriate class. The blog will focus on thoughts, musings, and reflections of the class, for the class, and of higher education in general. The two Mission Statements I pulled were Hollins University and Wellesley College. I chose these two institutions because they are both women’s colleges. […]