Karen DePauw

Inclusion as learning community: Initial reflections on the journey

Diversity and multicultural were two of the early terms that were used to describe efforts toward increasing demographic diversity in the corporate world and higher education dating back to the 1980s.  Since then, the terminology has continued to evolve as have … Continue reading

Blogging in graduate education

Blogging has a role in 21st century higher education including graduate education. Although blogging and blogs have been around for more years, Gardner Campbell (currently Vice Provost for Learning Innovation and Student Success at Virginia Commonwealth University) was on the … Continue reading

“I”, “T”, and “Pi” as metaphors for graduate education

In my role as Vice President and Dean for Graduate School at Virginia Tech, I have thought a lot about transforming graduate education in general and more specifically about preparation in an academic area as well as preparation for career(s) … Continue reading

The questions we need to ask especially “why”

This semester many of us are engaged with a national initiative entitled Connected Courses. At Virginia Tech, we developed our own active co-learning group of faculty and graduate students to interface with each other and ConnectedCourses. And the dialogue ensued. … Continue reading

Community, Connections and Networks

Building academic community for graduate students has been a goal of the Virginia Tech Graduate School since at least 2002.  Universities traditionally have fostered a sense of community for the undergraduate experience but often left the graduate student experience in … Continue reading

“Unruly Paradox”

Many words are used to describe the changing context for higher education in the 21st century – ‘change’ being one but more recently ‘disruption’, ‘innovation’, ‘global’ and ‘learning revolution’ are code for what is or should be happening in higher … Continue reading


For the last two weeks, the VT Global Perspectives Program (GPP) participants (@GPPVT, #gpp14) have been actively engaged in visits to selected universities in Switzerland, Italy and France. The theme for these visits was the “future of higher education: preparing for … Continue reading

Commencement – A beginning not an ending

As is the common practice at this time of year, universities celebrate the ending of the academic year and the graduation of undergraduate and graduate students through University and Graduate Commencement ceremonies.  At the Virginia Tech Graduate Commencement ceremonies on … Continue reading

National University of Singapore and UTown

In a quest to extend my knowledge and understanding of higher education around the world, I had the occasion to visit the National University of Singapore (NUS) in April 2014.  A quick bus tour through the campus revealed a large, … Continue reading

Graduate education and social media

Most everyone would agree that social media has changed the ways in which we interact – not just in our social settings but in our professional lives as well.  Although somewhat slower initially to embrace social media, higher education institutions … Continue reading