Getting Hands Dirty!

Remember those days in kindergarten when we were asked to make models out of clay and we would just get to it not worrying of how beautiful our clay model would like? As years went by, the approach of getting … Continue reading

Do I even belong here? Where are my people?

Hi! Its 2019  – a time when the whole world is literally connected and made a small place through technology. Yet, the issue of diversity and inclusion still lingers as a problem to be solved, the silent thoughts associated with … Continue reading

Additional Post 5: What do grades signify?

I’m pretty sure many of us have heard a ton of ideas concerning grades. I’m just going to be sharing some of mine. What does grade mean to you? For me, its a measure of the “smart work” plus “hard … Continue reading

Additional Blog Post 4: Stress in academia

When I was an intern during my undergraduate study and help the grad students in their experiments, I couldn’t wait to have my own lab one day, write papers and contribute something new to the world. I was enthusiastic to learn as much as I could and join research. However, within two weeks of my […]

Additional Blog Post 3: Work Life Balance – Is there a balancing scale to know for sure?

The class room discussion on work-life balance intrigued me greatly. I couldn’t help but speak about it to many of my friends and has opened up so many questions in my mind. I’d like to share them here and would be happy to discuss your views on this. I’ve met several people of the two […]

The future of University – will there be a future?

The basic needs for living are indeed: food, shelter and clothing. But as humans, the most important need for survival is learning. Education has been there centuries ago and has traversed a tremendous journey. From messages being passed down to … Continue reading

Relationship with Advisor

When I was applying to grad school, I remember the first thing I did was visit QS Rankings. I started gleaning through the websites to understand what kind of research happens in different places and what I could relate to … Continue reading

Keep it simple!

The other day I came across an article about Elon Musk and Richard Branson who mentioned about the use of jargons in their company. Jargons among the scholarly community is a matter of privilege, well of course it should be, we spend most of our childhood developing vocabulary and then the GRE test made sure …

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What does innovation in higher education actually do?

Hi, I read the article titled, “4 ways universities are driving Innovation” by the World Economic Forum. The synopsis of this article boils down to 4 trends namely, Fostering Entrepreneurship, Encouraging collaboration with the private sector, Promoting diversity and inclusion and Exploring the nexus of technology and society. I would like to pose my opinion …

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Will Open Access Journals survive?

Hi, This is my third blog post and its about open access journals. When I was pursuing my undergraduate degree in India, I remember how passionately I would look for the latest research being carried out and then when I tried to read them up online, I would be stuck on Sciencedirect asking me to …

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