Julia Brisbane

Last Blog Plot

Taking this class has shown me how messed up higher education can be. While I already knew it just from my experiences in graduate school and undergrad, it never really clicked. Now it does. However, I still want to pursue my dreams of becoming a tenure-track professor at an R1 institution. I want to encourageContinue reading “Last Blog Plot”

Gentrification in Higher Education

Gentrification can be defined as the “process of changing the character of a neighborhood through the influx of more affluent residents and businesses”. While this may seem cool and nice, this is often a controversial topic in some spaces. Why is this? It is because gentrification often places low-income and ethnic minority groups out ofContinue reading “Gentrification in Higher Education”

Importance of Two-Year Institutions

I never realized the importance of two-year institutions until I started working as an undergraduate research assistant on the SC:SUPPORTED project at Clemson University. While working on this project, I found that Blacks and Hispanics are over-represented at two-year institutions but underrepresented at four-year institutions. I wondered how two-year institutions are able to reach aContinue reading “Importance of Two-Year Institutions”

Future of the University: Intersectionality and Higher Education

Diversity and inclusion is actively discussed in conversations about improving higher education. However, if we want to actually improve diversity and inclusion within higher education we need to look at it from a lens of intersectionality. This means that we can no longer just look at the issues relating to Blacks or Hispanics or women,Continue reading “Future of the University: Intersectionality and Higher Education”

Imposter Syndrome

Imposter syndrome is common, especially for people of color. I think of imposter syndrome as someone believing they are a fraud, despite their victories and accomplishment. Jolie Doggett describes it as “the voice in your head that tells you you’re not good enough, that you’re a fake on the verge of being found out”. ImposterContinue reading “Imposter Syndrome”

Allies in Higher Education

In my junior year, an article from Clemson University’s Newstand was published about me. It was awkward. Up until then, I perceived myself as a student just trying to get by. I maintained my GPA, I did a lot of undergraduate research, and I participated in my fair share of extracurricular activities. I just wantedContinue reading “Allies in Higher Education”

Technology and Innovation: MOOCs

I first heard about MOOCs (Massive Open Online Courses) when I saw a facebook post about Harvard and other Ivy Leagues offering free online classes. When I first saw the post, I immediately thought it was a scam. My mind started wandering to for-profit online schools like Kaplan University and the University of Phoenix, whichContinue reading “Technology and Innovation: MOOCs”

Open Access

When looking for open access journals in engineering education, I was quite surprised at the amount I found. In my google search, I was immediately taken to a page that had a list of 49 journals in my field. Next to each journal article, the impact factor was included along with indication of if itContinue reading “Open Access”


In 2018, the Office of Research Integrity under the U.S. Department of Health & Human Services reported that Maria Elqtub, a cancer researcher at the University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center, engaged in research misconduct. According to the report, Elqtub falsely labeled her own blood samples as 98 blood samples of study subjects inContinue reading “Ethics”

Mission Statements

About two years ago, I was interviewed by a doctoral student whose research was around mission statements. During the interview, they asked me if I knew my own university’s mission statement and how my university’s mission statement made me feel as a person of color (POC). Up until then, I never really thought much aboutContinue reading “Mission Statements”