The art of not killing inspirations

Why should you go to college? Well maybe if you ask a high school student the answer will be to open up more job opportunities. Since the chance of finding a job is almost twice higher if you get a bachelor degree as reported by The Bureau of Labor Statistics.  That makes sense, but what […]

What if your phone be your teacher?

I watched a Ted talk lecture while ago that this post made me go back and google it. Kevin Manning, president of Stevenson University, gave a talk about the current topic, the future of higher education in 2016. He believed that the structure could be change from lecture-based in one university to a licensed coursed […]

How is the reaction to BIM as a disruptive technology?

For the topic of using disruptive technologies in higher education, I am referring to a survey article published in the Journal of Information Technology in Construction on the application of Building Information Modeling (BIM) technology in US universities. The survey was taken by Architectural, Engineering, and Construction (AEC) management faculty members. As noted by senior […]

Mentoring in higher education

In one of the future professoriate sessions the discussion of mentoring brought up when Dean Depauw asked the question “do you have a mentor?” The class fell silent for some seconds. I myself in my mind was googling the real meaning of mentoring and how it is taking seriously in higher education. Let’s start with a […]

Open access or not open access that is the question

As it could be understood from the context of the open access (OA), articles published in OA journals usually are freely accessible upon publication. There is a Directory of Open Access Journals (DOAJ), which was founded in Sweden and includes 12756 journals from 128 countries (2). I googled Elsevier directory to find the open access […]

Is this a hidden problem in higher education?

I started by searching keywords of “higher education” + “sexual harassment” with 100% of preconception that nothing will show up. Surprisingly 38500 results were found as said on the google scholar page- worldwide, of course. I did not go through all the pages to limit the keywords, however, the number of high citations of the […]

Research Ethics

Research ethics is chosen as the topic of this post.  As defined by the National Institute of Environmental Health  Sciences (1) besides respecting, privacy,  and autonomy; during research and for publishing of the research result the following aspects must be considered: minimizing harms and risks and maximize benefits take special precautions with vulnerable populations strive to … Continue reading